Ornaments of the Soul - Ornamental Drawings in Norwegian Outsider Art

Opening of a new art exhibition in Oslo at Kunstnernes Hus Friday November 8. 2019

Friday November 8. marks the opening of the art exhibition ‘Ornaments of the Soul:  Ornamental Norwegian Outsider Art Drawings’. The exhibition will display more than 40 selected works from the Trastad Samlinger Outsider Art collection and will be the first guest in the 2019 Drawing Triennial at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.  

In addition to presenting works by eight artists included in the Trastad Samlinger Outsider Art collection, the exhibition will also feature a selection of historical patient drawings from the Dikemark Museum in Asker.

These works highlight a range of different and current positions of ornamental expression in Norwegian Outsider Art and provide a unique insight into the breadth and vitality of this genre. Together, the works explore four notions of the ornamental in the terms nature, architecture, calligraphy and geometry.

Drawing is a medium that is often used by practitioners of Outsider Art: pencils, felt-tip pens, biros and a sheet of paper are easily accessible and make use of the creative urge in the moment. Throughout history, ornaments have never ceased to lose their topicality. From Goethe, Riegl and Worringer to Adolf Loos, the ornament was discussed aesthetically and ethically, and was often a sign of societal change. While Kant declare the ornament to be an abstract concept free from purpose, the mass production brought about by industrialisation generates an overflow of ornaments and dullness. On the other hand, the Arts and Crafts movement sought to establish a Gesamtkunstwerk, where art, work and life were united and took shape in the arabesque of the ornament.

Free entry on the opening night Friday November 8. at 19.00.

The exhibition is open from November 9. until December 1. Tuesday-Sunday. Information about tickets: https://kunstnerneshus.no/en/visit 


Barneaktiviteter 18.-19. november

I forbindelse med planleggingsdager i barnehage og skole inviterer vi til aktiviteter på Trondenes Middelaldergård med barna i fokus. Du kan blant annet lage ditt eget garn på håndtein!

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Outsider Art Fair Paris 2019

Denne helgen var Trastad samlinger på Outsider Art Fair i Paris

"Ikke si det til noen" 2. november UTSOLGT

En tysk-norsk kjærlighetshistorie fra krigsårene vises på Trondenes Historiske Senter, under Trondenesdagene 2019. Filmen har norsk teksting. 

Lunsjforedrag 30.oktober

Foredrag i forbindelse med Trondenesdagene om tvangsevakueringen høsten 1944.

Lunsjkonsert 31.oktober

Den skotske/shetlandske duoen Catriona McKay (skotsk harpe) og Chris Stout (fele) tar turen til Trondenes Historiske Senter under Trondenesdagene 

Høstmarked 27.oktober

Tradisjonelt og hyggelig marked på Trondenes Historiske Senter, som del av Trondenesdagene 2019. 

Høstferie med middelaldervri!

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